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Joseph Tojarieh

Vice President

Joseph Tojarieh has always had a passion for non-profit and community work. While in law school, he served as a board member of Loyola Law School’s Student Bar Association and president of the Real Estate Law Society. As a participant in Loyola’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, he also provided free tax assistance to low-income families.

After graduating law school, Mr. Tojarieh volunteered his time to help jumpstart the Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Charity (LATLC), a non-profit organization that is comprised of trial lawyers who volunteer their time and resources to improve the lives of people in the greater Los Angeles area. At the time, LATLC was in its infancy with just a handful of members. Today, it is comprised of hundreds of trial lawyers and has donated millions of dollars to the Los Angeles community.

Mr. Tojarieh also served as a volunteer teacher for Junior Achievement of Southern California. He was a guest lecturer at Fairfax High School, where he taught students about business ethics. Mr. Tojarieh’s course was so engaging that he was able to receive a variance from Junior Achievement to alter the coursework and make it more unique based on his experiences as a litigator.

In addition, Mr. Tojarieh participated in the Los Angeles Superior Court’s Teen Court program, which provides an alternative to Juvenile Court by allowing teenagers who commit non-serious crimes to be questioned, judged, and sentenced by a jury of their peers. Teen Court provides teenagers who engage in criminal activity an opportunity to correct their behavior in a fair yet relatively informal setting.

In 2012, Mr. Tojarieh sought to do even more. He co-founded Kol Ahava to help raise money for the indigent, sick, and less fortunate. Kol Ahava began with just a few members and quickly grew to a board of nearly 30 members. To date, Kol Ahava has raised over $300,000 and has had thousands of people in attendance at its events. Mr. Tojarieh currently serves as Kol Ahava’s Vice President.

In his law practice, Mr. Tojarieh almost exclusively represented plaintiffs. Nearly all of his clients are individuals who cannot traditionally afford an attorney. Since he represents these clients on a contingency basis, Mr. Tojarieh is able to help his clients achieve justice without them paying any upfront costly attorney fees and costs.

University of California, Los Angeles – B.A.

Loyola Law School, Los Angeles – J.D.

Stonebrook Law – Managing Attorney