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“Joy For Jonah,” was an adult only nighttime cocktail carnival. We had a ferris wheel, carnival games, DJ, dancing, premium open bar, multi-station dinner (sliders, taco bar, cotton candy, churros) and much, much more… What’s our cause? Jonah Pournazarian was a typical seven-year-old boy with a not-so-typical liver disorder called Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1b. With this disorder, Jonah needs to be constantly fed due to his body’s inability to utilize energy stores. Inspired by Jonah, and recognizing the need for more medical research, we put together “Joy For Jonah.” All of the proceeds from this event went to the Jonah Pournazarian GSD 1B Fund at the University of Florida. Dr. David Weinstein, director of the University of Florida’s Glycogen Storage Disease Program, has been the pioneer in finding a cure for Jonah’s disease, and the best news is, we are close!