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Save a Child’s Heart, or SACH, is an international humanitarian project that provides unprecedented life-saving cardiac care for children from developing countries regardless of the child’s race, religion, or nationality. Their ultimate goal is to create centers of medical competence in these countries so that children can be treated independently in their own communities. Working toward this end, SACH brings medical providers from all over the world to the Wolfson Medical Center in Israel for in-depth training in cardiology, surgery, anesthesia, intensive care, perfusion, and nursing. SACH also has medical teams that travel the world to provide pre- and post-operative patient evaluation, and to teach and perform life-saving heart surgery. Kol Ahava’s Bash for SACH supported SACH’s wonderful cause and the lives of all the children that still need saving. There was a premium open bar, plenty of delicious food, and a surprise celebrity DJ headliner.